Implemented projects Corruption proofing - stage 5 "Anticoruption debates" digest

"Anticoruption debates" digest

"Corruption Proofing" is implemented by the Centre for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC) within the framework of "Corruption Proofing of Draft Legislative Acts – Phase IV" project supported by the Civil Rights Defenders and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

During the project "Corruption Proofing of Draft Legislative Acts – Phase IV" CAPC launches a new product to coverage and to disseminate the information on activities of corruption proofing.

This component involves the development and distribution of a periodic Digest (newsletter) in electronic form containing information on:

  • Recent proofing reports of CAPC to draft legislative acts and other acts;
  • Description of projects surveyed;
  • Basic objections and recommendations of the  CAPC experts;
  • References to the corresponding discussions from CAPC  forum on the activity expertise;

Digest will be sent to the following categories of beneficiaries:

  • Members of Parliament, advise standing committees and employees of the Parliament;
  • Employees of ministries and other administrative authorities,involved in the process of designing and promoting of draft legislative acts and other normative acts;
  • Media representatives;
  • Members of civil society organizations;
  • Representatives of the general public interested in legslativ process in Moldova.

Access to information published in the Digest legislative debates anticorruption will be done by subscribing to applicants.

Newsletters (Digest) will be prepared and distributed  depending on the number of draft legislative acts and variety of areas involved in these projects. People that  will ask Digest subscription will have the option to select areas that are of interest to their work.