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The roundtable for public presentation of the report on the outcomes of operation of the anticorruption hotline

On 26 March 2008 the Centre for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption presented the Report "Citizens Calling the Anti-Corruption Hot-Line: Need Civic Responsibility or… Courage?", at a roundtable, which was attended by journalists, representatives of the civil society, of the Centre for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption and other public authorities.

The report made an analysis of the calls recorded to the anticorruption hotline 92-79-79 from 1 June 2007 to 29 February 2008. The analysis of the persons who called the anticorruption hotline showed that a person who believes he/she knows about a corruption case, is not indifferent and wants to communicate that is more likely a man, aged between 41 and 60 years, employed in the private sector. On the other hand, young people aged up to 25 years, students or employees of the public sector, aged up to 40 years, i.e. people who are less willing to report corruption cases, are more likely to properly understand the phenomenon of corruption. Most frequently, corruption practices reported through the hotline 92-79-79, referred to the following sectors: education (30%), police (20%), local public authorities (13%) and health (12%). The percentage of complaints about corruption practices in the public sector is 90%, and the complaints about corruption in the private sector represent 10%. At the same time, the majority of people expressed fear of authorities and possibilities to cooperate with them.
The operation of the hotline of the Centre for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption proved that the population: 1.) does not know and does not understand what is corruption, and 2.) is afraid of denouncing alleged corruption cases and, in general, of communicating directly with public authorities.

The report "Citizens Calling the Anti-Corruption Hot-Line: Need Civic Responsibility or… Courage?" was developed at the end of the project „Raising public awareness about corruption”, financially supported by the British Embassy in Chisinau, which plans to continue this project from 1 April 2008 to 31 December 2009.