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The ordinary meeting of the Monitoring Group of the Republic of Moldova Threshold Country Plan under the US “Millennium Challenge” programme

On 30 July 2008, at 10.00 the Government House hosted the working meeting of the Monitoring Group for the implementation of the Threshold Country Plan of the Republic of Moldova, in the framework of the US “Millennium Challenge” Programme. At this meeting the Centre for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption (CCECC) presented its report on the execution of the Action Programme for the implementation of the TCP and the Centre for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption presented its report on the monitoring of the implementation of the TCP by the CCECC, achievements and failures identified after the monitoring carried out in the reference period were discussed, including the following:

CCECC is exposed to corruption risks, generated by the increased administrative discretion and by cumulating the control and the criminal prosecution functions. Nevertheless, we have to mention that according to the TI survey, the population considers CCECC to be twice (30,6%) more trustworthy than the MOI (15,8%) and customs (15,4%). At the same time, CCECC receives less credit from the taxpayers than the tax system (38,5%). We assume that the increased credibility of the citizens for the CCECC, compared to law enforcement authorities, is also due to the efficient activity of the Internal Affairs Division of the CCECC.

the impact of the anti-corruption policies in the CCECC will not be perceptible, as long as the considerable efforts (trainings, press conferences, roundtables, informal meetings, concepts, etc.) of the CCECC will not receive technical and financial support.