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Press release

Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption has made the corruption proofing of draft law on the main Ethics Committee, the structure and the way of its functioning, developed by the Ministry of Justice.

The project provides the establishment of a new public authority – the main Ethics Committee and includes the basic rules on the powers and organization of the Commission's work.

According to notes, the development of draft was necessary " to create a check on compliance of the law on conflict of interest, and a mechanism for reviewing of declarations of interests of public officials, for treatment and resolution of arising conflicts of interest.

The project contains a very strong argument, however, unclear remains the economic and financial basis, which did not show any calculations.

In the expert report Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption showed, that the main objection concerns the period provided for controlling the declarations of personal interest, which is not sufficient for a qualitative execution of this task. Basically, the project's authors repeat the same mistakes that, over the past 7 years, had determined the inefficiency of committees of controlling the statements of income and property , establishing the same period for control statements - 15 days. Moreover, the workload for statements' control of interests by the main Ethics Committee is several hundred times bigger than the workload of any control committee of income and property declarations, which, according to authors of notes will be 22,000 thousand annual statements. Therefore, the period of 15 days can be set only to verify the deposit and complete in full and appropriate the statements, and the control of veracity , and accuracy of information contained in statements - should be made throughout the year.

Besides the unrealistic deadline of making the control of declarations of personal interests , another problem is the transparency of the declarations of personal interests. The publication of scanned versions of all the statements on the website of main Ethics Commission or on sites of every public authority would allow both an efficient control of the content statements from the Commission, as well as preventing the authorities and officials taking decisions in situations of conflict of interest.

In conclusion, Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption has mentioned that the establishment of this Committee is an urgent measure, but the urgency of setting up the Commission should not lead to mistakes which would affect the possibility of conducting an efficient control of declarations of personal interests by the Commission, because such mistakes have been committed to the commission for the control of income and property declarations of the public officials.