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Launching the radio shows series "Corruption Free Zone"

Starting July 2008, CAPC launched the project „Anti-Corruption Awareness Raising through Radio Shows”, with the financial support of the Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (SHC).

The project will last until December 2008 and provides for the implementation of a series of 23 radio shows entitled „Corruption Free Zone”, carried out jointly with Radio Noroc. The radio shows are broadcasted each Wednesday, between 19.00 and 20.00, involving lawyers from CAPC and representatives of public authorities. The listeners can take part in the discussions by sending written messages and calling the CAPC hotline to report about violations they are aware of, related to the topic of the show.

The radio shows aim at cultivating the public intolerance to corruption by involving mass-media and public servants in raising the awareness of the population about human rights, the rights of the witnesses/victims of corruption, as well as by granting free legal assistance.