Democratie si astfel, neputand face ca tot ceea ce este just sa fie tare, s-a facut ca tot ceea ce este tare sa fie just. Blaise Pascal

Centre for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC) has launched the "free legal support in electoral disputes" hot line. Its purpose is to provide free legal assistance in theelection of citizens, NGOs and  in thefacilitating access to justice to all the voters in the period before the elections and on Election Day.

Hotline to CAPC (23 84 31; 23 87 04; 23 83 84) is open  on  Monday to Saturday, starting at 09.00 am until 09.00 pm.

CAPC project is implemented under the program of activities of the Civic Coalition, for Free and Fair elections is funded by the Eurasia Foundation and the means granted by AIDS and USAD.