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Training sessions “Corruption Proofing of the Draft Regulatory Acts” for the representatives of the local government

In the period of March 30 – September 28, 2007, the CAPC together with the CCECC conducted 12 training sessions for the representatives of the local public authorities (LPA) on the topic "Corruption proofing of the draft regulatory acts" in the districts of:
  • Comrat (autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia), on 30 of March 2007;
  • Vulcanesti, on 11 of May 2007;
  • Ialoveni, on 15 of May 2007;
  • Ceadir Lunga, on 18 of May 2007;
  • Taraclia, on 18 of May 2007;
  • Hincesti, on 18 of July 2007;
  • Anenii Noi, on 24 of July 2007;
  • Cantemir, on 1 of August 2007;
  • Stefan Voda, on 14 of August 2007;
  • Cahul, on 15 of August 2007;
  • Cimislia, on 26 of September 2007;
  • Basarabeasca, on 28 of September 2007.

The total number of persons trained within these local trainings was of 236 persons: mayors of villages, district counsellors, secretaries of district councils and village administrations’ secretaries, as well as other persons involved in the course of elaboration of draft decisions on the local level.

The trainers, CAPC experts and the CCECC staff, considered the concrete problems that the LPA were confronted with, analyzing the individual and regulatory acts issued by the LPA. To this end, the agenda covered the following topics:

  • The national mechanism for counteracting corruption;
  • General notions of legislative acts and legislative technique;
  • Elaboration and substantiation of the draft legislative acts;
  • International acts in the field of counteracting of corruption;
  • The national normative framework on corruptibility expertise of draft normative acts;
  • Corruptibility elements of the draft legislative acts.

This event was organized in the framework of the Joint Project of Council of Europe and European Commission against Corruption, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in the Republic of Moldova (MOLICO), co-financed by European Commission, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and Council of Europe.